Geeks Toy Exclusive Review 2021

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2 min readNov 16, 2021
Geeks Toy Exclusive Review 2021


Geeks Toy is a piece of software used for sports trading on betting exchanges and is compatible for use on Betfair, Betdaq, and Matchbook exchanges. Geeks Toy is designed to give you a competitive edge over the exchange website user when trading, as the speeding of placing bets with this software is significantly faster than on the exchanges.

Geeks Toy was discovered in 2007 when the founder Paul was researching another project for his software company Talented Mavericks Limited, which he created in 2003. The ‘Geek’ as he is known due to his anonymously, noticed a gap in the trading market with no quality software available for sports trading. In 2009 Geeks Toy was launched and it gained immediate traction and success and went on to become the most used trading software on Betfair Exchange by 2012.

Geeks Toy Facts

Geeks Toy Pricing Structure

Geeks Toy offer a free trial which allow you download and try their software for 14 days which should be enough time to determine how useful the tool can be.

Following the free trial, there are two subscription options;

- 3 Months Subscription — £20
- 1 Year Subscription — £60

If you think Geeks Toy is the tool for your trading aspirations, then the year subscription works out the best value for money at £60. This works out at £5 per month and if you plan on trading for a full year then you will be looking to make much more than that.