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1 min readNov 4, 2021


Sports trading is similar to stock trading, where you buy and sell bets on sporting events using betting exchanges instead of buying and selling shares of a company. When you undertake sports trading, you are not trying to pick winners and the outcome of the event is irrelevant as you are not interested in who wins or losses, you are only interested in the market moving in the correct direction. When trading in the stock market, a trader’s goal is to buy low and sell high which is the exact same principle as sports trading, but we lay low and back high. The goal is simply to make a profit, regardless the outcome. This is termed ‘greening up’. There are many sports trading platforms online. We have highlighted a few of the best ones below.

Award Winning

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Award WinningGoal Profits is an award-winning Football Trading System service which using Betting Exchanges to back and lay different bets to lock in a profit.Great